Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Day of Firsts

"Everything is scary in my world"
"This movie is boring...

It's been a pretty eventful day for everyone.  Jerry was able to come and walk us for an hour this morning; the first Saturday in weeks. ( Chim stepped on a stick and thought it was a snake.  He yelped and jumped straight up in the air. What a dope.)

 Linda ran a TKD testing this morning with some of the cutest white belts ever. She is hoping someone videotaped it.  It was the first time they ever tested and parts of it her hilarious.

In other firsts...Penny was introduced to a few licks of an orange popsicle and watched (more like got sleepy instead of watched) a little Beauty and the Beast with her Daddy for the first time.  It's probably the first of a 1,000 times if she is anything like her Aunt Tier.  When Tierney was little, Linda even took her to see Beauty and the Beast at the Kennedy Center in DC.  Penny has already been to a real life Princess Birthday Party, so she was kind of underwhelmed by the whole movie.
...when you get to be a Princess for real!

Linda can't remember if she posted Penny's first Starbucks experience or not.  Even if she did, there can never be enough pictures of Penelope.
Penny on a coffee date with her Nana.