Sunday, December 30, 2012

It's New Year's Eve Eve

It did end up snowing yesterday for about 45 minutes...big fat fluffy flakes that were beautiful, but didn't stick.  The snow turned to rain and it was a wet, mushy mess.  Jerry came over to walk us but neither Chim nor I would set foot outside.  Linda got home from classes and had to get ready for her "party" (all of 7 people) Saturday evening.  Whenever people come to our house, they always know it's going to be all vegetarian snacks.   Even the deer hunting, "I'll take mine rare" people don't seem to mind.  The food was yummy and Linda made exactly the right amount.  Everyone had second plates and there weren't any leftovers to put away.   Chim made sure to sit on each persons lap and give them lots of juicy kisses.  Since Linda didn't take any pictures, here is one of Penny to make you smile.  She's praying before she eats, just like we do!
"Thank you Jesus for this food..."

 After church today Linda went to the gym for rehearsal.  Every quarter a new Pump/Combat routine is released.  The instructors practice for weeks and weeks to get it right.   She'll only be home for a couple of hours before she goes back to church.  Tonight she doesn't have nursery, so at least she doesn't have to get there early.

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve.  Most people will be out partying and staying up super late.  Linda will be home, probably in bed by 9:30.  The last time she went out for a NYE party, Tierney wasn't even born yet!  It may seem lame but it is so much safer!  There are lots of people who are bad drivers; distracted by their cells and texting.  On NYE, you can add a bunch of drunk people texting while driving.