Friday, December 14, 2012

Two-Party Robber

More news is coming out about the bank robbery yesterday morning. He didn't just rob one teller, he went from window to window and robbed all 5 tellers!  The bandit was wearing a Mitt Romney mask.  Back in 2010, the same branch was robbed by a person wearing a Hillary Clinton mask.  Hmmm... looks like the robber must be an Independent.  There are two stores that sell costumes within a short walk of the bank.  The guy was also wearing a hoodie with Florida State on the front.  Do you think he could have been dumb enough to go buy his mask wearing the sweatshirt?

Linda is watching too much Alias on Netflix. The first thing she thought was that she would have taken him down with a rear choke hold, knee to the kidneys, hammer fist to the collarbone and then maybe an axe kick to the head to knock him out cold.  In reality, she probably would have pulled a "Chimi" and made herself as flat as a pancake on the ground and whimpered.