Saturday, December 22, 2012

Costco? The Saturday Before Christmas??

Brr... it's so freezing today.  The strong winds made it hard to even walk.  During our morning walk with Jerry, I had to really hunker down and persevere.  Both Chim and I needed the exercise. Linda's "night to do nothing" meant we didn't take a walk before bed.  It was pretty wonderful that she stayed home and we got to all cuddle up on the couch. 
"Nana, I hope you got me new pj's because my big toe is sticking out!"

Only a few more days until Christmas.  Linda was so glad that she did all her shopping online and that everything came in early December.  She vowed to stay out of stores, malls and shopping centers (that didn't involve groceries) until after all the madness was over.  Except it didn't quite work out exactly as planned.  The Christmas party is tomorrow at church.  She signed up to bring large wraps.  Honestly, when she chose that item she thought it meant large flour tortilla wraps to go with dips.  After the ink hit the paper, someone told her they were actually sandwiches, not just the wraps.  She wasn't supposed to make them either, they had to be the ones from Costco! You know what that means, right?  After teaching until 1 p.m. she had to go to Costco on the Saturday before Christmas to buy them.  The parking lot was totally full, there wasn't any spaces at all.  Cars were parked along the side street and people were hiking to the store!  After cruising around, Linda finally followed someone to their car and snagged the spot.  You can imagine what it was like inside.

Over 8 pounds of sandwiches!  I hope she brings the leftovers home for puppy snacks!

After getting agitated looking for a space and that she had to go to Costco blah, blah, blah... Linda decided instead of being grumpy she was going to be kind and smile at every single person she saw, be patient, let people in front of her, and stay positive.  Even with people not slowing down and almost running her over, she still smiled.  When unaccompanied children were pulling stuff off the shelf making it impossible to go down the aisle, she smiled.  When the lady at the checkout in front of her was gabbing on her cell phone and kept talking while searching her purse for her misplaced credit card, Linda kept calm and smiled.  The only timed she stopped smiling is on the way to her car when her cart hit a bump in the sidewalk and she smashed her shin into the metal. Ouch.