Friday, December 21, 2012

Night of Rest

Linda is taking the night off.  She isn't teaching class, she isn't cleaning the house, she isn't studying her routines, she is staying in tonight...and is just going to rest.  Maybe she'll read a book, watch Netflix, take a hot bath.  The laundry can wait until tomorrow.  The presents can wait to be wrapped.  She needs a whole 3 hours of nothingness, then it's early to bed.  If only Chimi would cooperate and relax too.  He has been trying to get Linda to play tug of war with his new toy.  He drops it on her lap and cries until she throws it off, then he repeats over and over and over. 

Speaking of bed, every time Linda sees me in my dining room bed, she has to giggle.  My fur matches the hair on the bed.  This used to be Chip's bed, but it got willed to me.  The new bed in the background is my Christmas present.  It's the greatest little teepee fort.  Now in total, I have 1 kitchen bed, 2 dining room beds, 2 den beds and of course The Big Bed for night time.  I use them all equally.  It's so nice to have a choice which one I want to nap in.

Sometimes I like to put a blanket over my head