Monday, December 24, 2012

Little Lamb

"I'm keeping this lamb head on for exactly 1 minute and no more!"
Christmas 2012. Linda's friends can't believe she is the shortest one in her family. * She's almost 5'10" too.
Penny was a little lamb in the Christmas play last night.  She did great during the 3 songs she was on stage.  While Linda was dressing her, she tried to teach Penny her lines.  She didn't "Baaaa" on cue, but she was very good and had great stage presence under the hot lights. Maybe she is taking after her famous Aunt Tierney after all. 
After the play, everyone gathered in the gym for refreshments.  Linda never got to the actual food tables.. but she did snag a cookie or two.  (Lately, the blog interface isn't letting me add another paragraph under a photo.  It goes right to caption even though we are not choosing that option.)