Friday, December 28, 2012

A Busy Day of Doing Nothing

I know you are all wondering why I didn't post yesterday, right?  :)   Well, it was a very busy, busy day of doing absolutely nothing for us all.  Linda was on her way to Penny's for her usual Thursday play-date and got a call from Sarah. Penny only slept a few hours the night before and was crabby.  Plus, Taylor was working from home.  They couldn't go out on a date anyway.  Linda came home and cleaned the whole house (honestly, is it really necessary to clean so much when you hardly ever have a visitor?)  Next she did 2 hours of study on her routines, ate lunch and watched a few Flashpoint shows on Netflix.  (Watch it. You will be hooked by the 3rd episode.  It's a police swat team drama... and she means drama.  You need tissues at the end.  When a little girl named Penny got kidnapped in one episode, she was crying a little.)

 Before she knew it, 4:00 rolled around and she had to go teach her classes.  By evening when she got home, she kind of crashed on the couch and (no she didn't!.. yep,watched another Flashpoint) before going to bed early. 

The weather guessers are calling for some snow this weekend.  Yuck.  It's pretty to look at, but neither Chim or I will walk when it's snowing. Plus, both of us hate going out in the backyard to do our business.  Chim is afraid of the wet/cold feeling on his paws and my long fur gets icy and freezing.  Its also hard for me to manage the slippery deck steps, so I have to be carried down.  Linda towels us both off before she lets us walk on the hardwood floors, but we don't mind that so much.