Wednesday, December 19, 2012

One More Week!

Yesterday just flew by without anytime for posting.  Tuesdays used to be Linda's almost "off" day.  She only had one class to teach.  Now it's morphed into a 4 class day that kicks her butt.  There is a slope in our front yard with big steps leading to the front door.  When she gets home at night after all the classes are done, every step feels 2 feet high and 2 feet wide.  It's a struggle to get to the top carrying all her gym bags, TKD stuff and heavy wet towels, swimsuit and pool shoes.  Plus, it was her turn to clean at church.  There was enough time between classes to get it done, but crawling around on her knees doing the bottom of all the windows, glass doors and baseboards added extra ouchieness.  Honestly, she loves her job so much and really enjoys the times she gets to clean the church.  She should be thankful for the aches and pains since she is getting to do what she dreamed of doing as a little girl. (Well, she dreamed of being a Rockette at Radio City Music Hall in NYC... but she is on stage, jumping around and kicking high!)

 As far as cleaning at church, it feels like such a privileged to be able to help keep everything looking sparkly and neat.  After all, it is her church "home", so why shouldn't she be part of keeping it clean just like she does our own house?

That whole paragraph was just an into into why she couldn't take us for a walk yesterday.  We had a lot of backyard time to play, but not a proper walk.  Jerry is sick, so he missed his regular Tuesday night time with us.  At 8:15 p.m., the only thing Linda wanted to do was take a bath, wash her chlorine-smelly hair and go to bed.  Both Chim and I realized how tired she was so we didn't wake her up during the night to go outside.
"I'm feeling a little under the weather."
Penelope has a little cold, so Linda might not be going over to watch her tomorrow.  Penny is super clingy and just wants her Mommy.... just like she should when she's not feeling well.  Linda is still going to keep the day open and not take any sub classes just in case Penny starts feeling better and Sarah wants to grocery or Christmas shop.  Lot's of babies seem to be getting colds this month. Linda has a friend who's daughter is a little younger than Penny who has to be on breathing treatments to help clear her up and another baby she knows has to keep getting saline squirted up her nose. 

Dad opening Penny's presents last Christmas.
Christmas is just in one more week!  Linda just loves having the kids over on Christmas morning.  This will be Penelope's first Christmas (although last year she got lots of presents that Sarah had to open for her while she was pregnant with Penny.)  The tradition is an early morning iHop breakfast (Penny's first too!) and then open presents. 
iHop Christmas Morning