Monday, December 17, 2012

The Grinch & Queen of Hearts

Church got out early last night, so Linda was in bed by 9:30 p.m.  Chim and I have been waking Linda up during the night to go outside, so she hasn't been sleeping well for the past few nights.  I was doing fine sleeping on The Big Bed without waking up.  When Chim started sleeping with us, things changed.  He doesn't lay as still as I do and when He moves around, I wake up too.  Since I'm awake, I might as well go to the bathroom.  When I have to go, then Chim wants to go out with me.  The other night Linda got up 4 times.  I know, you're thinking "Just don't get up Linda!" That wouldn't work because I'm so well trained that when I jump off The Big Bed at night, I immediately have to GO RIGHT NOW.  Even though Chim is cuddly and keeps Linda warm, she is going to start putting him back in his own bed at night.  Proof:  He slept in his bed and didn't make make a sound... and I slept through the night without waking Linda up once.
Obviously...I am The Queen and Chim is the Grinch
Tierney and her Skit Team did great in the play last night.  They also did a puppet show as the opening act.  Tier's puppet "Wendy" mimics her real personality.  There were big hoop earrings, a lot of hair flipping, high-energy wiggling, short attention spans and over-the-top drama involved. (Although in real life she isn't much of a drama queen.) 
The Grinch, Queen of Hearts, It's a Wonderful Life and Willy Wonka all in the same skit!