Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Snow & Snickers

I woke Linda up at 4:40 a.m. (again) to go outside.  Even though she has been taking me out before bed, I still sometimes have to go before her alarm goes off.  She is afraid if she doesn't let me out I'll have an accident on the carpet.  Anyway, unless she was totally out of it, there wasn't any snow or ice on the deck.  When she got up the second time at 7:00, it was snow-covered.   Our new little Kia is wonderful to look at and fun to drive in Fall, Spring and Summer... not so much in Winter.  She was slipping and sliding on the way to teach.  One time she got stuck in some slush and fish-tailed, almost hitting the curb.  When she left the gym, she had trouble getting out of her parking space because her back wheels were spinning.  Boy, does she miss her all wheel drive Subaru on days like this.  That car would plow through banks of snow and grip the road in iciest conditions.  It's still sleeting now and really cold.  It better not get to icy for her drive to church tonight.

(Linda was searching for a photo of our old Subaru and came across this photo.  It's my Big Daddy Snickers.  ((Of course he wasn't my birth Daddy, but he did raise me!))  Gosh, every time Linda sees a photo of Snickers she misses him so much.  He was THE BEST dog ever.  He lived a good, long life and gave her so much comfort and companionship.  From the very first day I came home, Snick's was protective, gentle and kind to me.)

He could have eaten my whole head in one gulp.