Monday, June 4, 2012

Tired Legs and Crabby Butts

Linda has read some running blogs where the people say "my legs felt like 100 pound bags of concrete during my run today."  She never understood that, until today.  There have been days she's been achy, sore, sleepy and lethargic while she was teaching, but never once did her legs feel too heavy to lift.
She needs Tired Legs Doctor!

 No joke, at first she thought there was something wrong with her shoes when she started the first song in Body Combat.  Did she put on her super-heavy hiking sneakers by accident?  No, they were the right sneakers.  When the first front kick came around, it was all she could do to lift her leg to kick!  What's up with that?  The entire hour was a struggle.  In Pump, there's no kicking and luckily she did not pick a lunge song with plyometric lunges, so it was way easier to teach.

After her two classes she usually gets oatmeal from Potbelly.  Today she thought maybe she need some protein, so she got the Mediterranean sandwich ($5!) with hummus, feta cheese, artichoke hearts, cucumber and red peppers.  AMAZING!  It made her forget all about her tired legs.  She has two more classes to teach, both with a lot of kicking.  I hope her legs stay awake.

P.S.  I hope Penny isn't feeling as crabby as her pants today!!