Saturday, June 2, 2012

Snakes on the Trail

Linda is going to bed in a few minutes.  She hates that she has to take a nap on the most beautiful day of her life.  There wasn't much sleeping last night and 3 hours of teaching and TKD sparring so far today did her in.  She is so tired that she is blowing off the Ferris wheel and the craft show.  There is also a going away pool party for one of her fellow instructors at Gold's that she isn't attending either.  This insomnia is starting to bug her.  It's one thing to toss and turn and not sleep at night, but when it starts messing with your daytime plans, that's even worse. 

Jerry took us on a long wooded trail walk today.  The excitement started when we reached the first stream crossing.   Chimmie knows how to just bound across the stepping stones by himself and I have to get carried.  The stones are too far apart for me to reach.
This is when the water level is low. 
Today, Chim was just about to get started hopping across when Jerry saw a 2' long Water Moccasin snake!  (I wrote snake just in case you thought I meant that someone lost a moccasin in the water.) These snakes are deadly and one bite would do me in.  Jerry grew up around lots of snakes in Smithfield, Va and is not afraid of them.  He wasn't going to chance us getting bit, so he was extra careful at all the stream crossings.  If Chim frightened it, I'm sure the snake would have attacked! 
"Get in my Belly Choopie!!"

P.S. It's a good thing Linda forgot she is supposed to "stay on top of the lawn" and cut it today so it doesn't grow up to her knees.  P.S.S.  It's now 6:00 and Linda did not get a wink of sleep.  She is going to try and make the Big Brass Band concert tonight, but I doubt even all those trombones and horns will keep her awake.