Friday, June 1, 2012

Before and After

It looks like it's going to be a wet rainy day.  That means that Chim is going to have to stay inside while Linda teaches.  (She has gotten over her fear of the Farm Animal Stabber on the lose and is letting him stay out on the deck in nice weather.)  Poor Chim,  He is so active and hyper that staying shut in a small bathroom for hours is sad for him.  I know many dogs are crated for hours on end and can't even move much.  He does have lots of room and can walk around a bit to stretch his legs.  If he would only be trustworthy not to chew anything, he could stay out with me.
It's Newborn Chim.  Now he would take up the entire bed!
Look how different all his brothers and sisters look.  There is one other pup that looks like him, but the other three are so different.  I think the red one looks like a demon dog.  I wonder if the rest of the litter grew up to be Mega 15 pound Chihuahuas too?
.....and After