Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ferris Wheels and Shrinking Text

An afternoon/evening of crazy weather has become a morning of glorious sunshine.  It's beautiful outside.  Chim could stay out on the deck until Jerry comes to walk us, but since Linda leaves early, she doesn't want to take the chance that he might bark and disturb the neighbors trying to sleep in.  Linda said she was proud of how I acted during the storm.  Usually I'm hyperventilating and my sides are heaving even if it rains hard.  This time I did a little bit of panting, but stayed calm for the most part.  All the rain was good for our grass and flowers.   Linda will have to mow again, twice in the same week so she is a little bummed about that. 

 Today is the Town Festival craft fair and carnival.  She will be going with a few friends later this afternoon.  It's been 100 years since she's ridden a Ferris wheel, so she might just have to go for a whirl. In the evening, there is a concert featuring a big brass band.  

(While I was typing this, all of a sudden the entire page got so small Linda can't even read the print!  She had to go from normal font to extra large.   It happened spontaneously and she can't find a setting to get it back to the way it was!)  Linda fixed it.  You have to press the control key and + button at the same time and the page view becomes bigger.  How did it just do it by itself though?