Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Between just about cracking her head wide open and her heart beating out of her chest, Linda thought it was lights out for Choopie.  The four hours wait did nothing to deice the steps.  We found out the hard way when she let both Chim and I out.  She visually checked the deck and it looked just slushy.  Nope, I slipped and fell down all 12 steps, head over tail!  Linda started to run after me to make sure I was alive and then she slipped on the deck (but thankfully didn't fall down the stairs too.)  She couldn't even make her way down the steps, so she ran out the front door, down the lawn, unlatched the side gate and sprinted to the backyard.  I was OK, nothing broken but I was crying from being scared.  Chim was smart and didn't attempt to even leave his doghouse on the deck.  From now on, she will be taking us out the front door and walking us to the backyard.  (Why didn't she think of that first?)
I'm OK, really.