Thursday, February 20, 2014

A day with the crocodiles

We've had two days of temperatures over 50 degrees and it has been wonderful!  There is still snow on our deck and in our yard, but at least its melted enough that we can walk and have more room to roam around the backyard. It was so nice out today that Linda was able to take Penny to a park next to the Mall.  They had so much fun! 
"Where's Capt. Hook Nana?"
Before they left for their outing, Linda was reading her a Peter Pan story book.  One of Penny's favorite pages is where the crocodiles are swimming after Capt. Hook.  When she saw the crocodile at the park, she was beyond excited. 
This time Linda didn't get motion sickness from the merry-go-round.  It's so weird because every time she has ever taken Penny on the ride, it made her sick for the rest of the day.  Today she got just a little queasy while it was moving, but no head spinning or vertigo when she got off.   Maybe it was because it was such a special ride.  They got to share the carousal with a group of Alzheimer's and dementia patients from a local nursing home.  It made Linda tear up a little bit watching their smiling faces and seeing how much they enjoyed themselves. The nurses that were with the group were so sweet and caring. 
Linda will have to take Penny to the National Zoo one Thursday.  The apparently have a crocodile on their carousal!  How cool would that be Penelope?  Aunt Tierney will have to come because she would love to ride the flamingo wearing one of her Lily dresses.