Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Deck Olympics

If there was a sport called "carrying two dogs up and down ice coated deck steps without breaking your neck" Linda would be sporting a gold medal this morning.  In all her years living in this house (almost 30?  Could it really be?) she has never seen the steps as slippery as they were this morning.  She waited until 7 a.m. to take us outside hoping the temps would warm enough to melt some of it.  It actually made it worse.  They were wet-slippery with no snow as traction  She started down with me, but the first step she took down there was no traction at all!  There wasn't any traction on the foot still on the deck either.  The railing was also totally ice covered.  The only option was sitting down on her butt and trying to work her way down one step at a time. She was wearing big soled LL bean boots but just had her PJ bottoms on.  The wet PJ's actually froze to each step (and her bottom!) because she wasn't moving fast enough.  Then she came back up the same way, and repeated the process with Chimi.  After standing on the grass waiting 5 minutes for us to go, she had to back up on her bottom (2 trips!) to bring us inside. 
The shiny stuff that looks just wet.. that is solid ice
It should be warming up in the coming hours that she won't have to carry us down the next outing.  Hopefully she'll be able to buy some pet-friendly ice melt to toss out there before this weekends predicted storm.

Of course gym classes are canceled this morning.  She has only taught 1 out of the last 4 Wednesday mornings.  The days off are always spent productive though.  Extra quite time and reading, cleaning, getting in a long treadmill run (if she can get to the gym), baking, and cooking things to freeze for future dinners.  The newest make-it-up as you go recipe from this morning was for these crazy cookie bars. It's kind of a Blondie base with lots of yummy stuff mixed in.
Only 1/2 of the pan has coconut since Taylor and Sarah don't like it. Tier, which side do you want your piece from?
She also made our giant pan of chicken for the next few weeks.  She buys it when its at a marked-down almost expired sale price.  Sometimes she does brown rice and a bag of mixed veggies in the food processor while she shreds the chicken, but she doesn't have either of those in stock right now. Yes, we are well fed dogs.  But cooking your own food is much cheaper and way healthier than buying the expensive all natural, no filler good-for-dogs canned food.