Sunday, February 2, 2014


Sorry if this is too gross for some people (Tierney), but the look on Chim's face was just to cute not to post.  Linda actually tried to edit the photo, but she doesn't have Photoshop, so instead she turned the photo black and white so you don't have to see his colorful lunch splattered on the floor.  He was acting incredibly guilty after he got sick.  He just stood there over the mess and looked at Linda with "I'm so sorry!" eyes.  Hopefully he isn't really sick, just a glutton.  He gobbled down his lunch and then ran to devour my lunch before I had a chance to start eating!  Serves him right.  He also had to have a bath because he fell off the stepping stones into the stinky steam this morning during his walk. Chimi is kind of a handful, but always so much fun.  For all the messes he makes and trouble he causes, he gives Linda just as much joy and laughter.

There were still some super-ripe bananas in the cupboard, so Linda made these banana-nut muffin cookies after church.  They taste exactly like the breakfast muffin-tops that Panara Bakery sells, except for the added chocolate chips.  She'll be taking some to Taylor's tonight for the Superbowl party.  Linda is going to insist they watch the Puppy Bowl instead of the football game.  You don't think Taylor will mind, do you?
"I'll watch the puppy bowl with you Nana...
"or we can just read books!"
"I'll just catch the highlights."