Monday, February 24, 2014

3 Fails

Linda is in a huge cookie slump.  For some reason, every time she tries to make chocolate chip cookies, they come out flat.  Every time.  She has tried 3 different recipes and each time, totally flat as a pancake cookies.  The one she made today had specific instructions: Cream butter, sugars with paddle of stand mixer for 3 minutes... add egg one at a time, mixing 1 minute between eggs..etc, etc, etc.  She was super careful to measure properly and get the eggs and butter to room temp first.  She chilled the dough.  Used cool cookie sheets.  Preheated oven. Parchment paper instead of spray Pam.   All the right steps didn't help.  She even googled "why are my cookies flat" to find some answers. So frustrating.
She is also failed at pizza for dinner.  Tonight she cheated and used a crust that comes in a tube.  Actually, that was the only tasty part of the pizza.  The toppings were blah and the diced tomatoes made it too wet and soggy, even though she didn't put too many on  It wasn't totally gross tasting and she is definitely going to eat it the rest of the week.  Maybe it can be salvaged when she reheats it.
2 out of 5 stars
Sarah sent Linda the most adorable video of Penny tap dancing in the bathtub but she can't figure out how to post it.  The video won't process properly so all you get is the thumbnail.  Third fail of the day.