Saturday, February 15, 2014

Be Mine

Thanks for the Valentine's Day treat Tierney! 
Penny liked the little Valentine's Day prize bag that Linda put together for her.  There was a Thomas the Train water bottle, some Dora bath toys, Minnie Mouse big girl panties (she is going whole days and some naps with no accidents!) and a Little Mermaid coloring book with crayons. 
Oh Penny, you aren't supposed to color your face! Silly Girl.
Penny made a card for her Nana.  She loves to trace her hands with her crayons any chance she gets.  Sarah cut it out and they made a sweet card.  Penny is really good with her crayons.  Now she says things like "Nana, gonna color the shoes." She'll try her best to color inside the lines and stay totally focused until its all filled in. 

Hand Made by Penny!
It's been a long time since Linda has talked about her running program.  Running to Linda has always been for fun.  When she started really focusing on increasing her speed, it became stressful for her.  All of a sudden she was too intent on finishing faster than the last run and she stopped enjoying herself.  She is still teaching all her classes, but has decided to stop running for a few weeks.  For the last two weeks (except the 3 days she was sick) she has set the treadmill speed between 4.5-5.0 and increased the incline.  That is walking speed but at 5.0 she can also jog easily if she wants.  Instead of running for 30 minutes, she is walking/jogging between 45-60 minutes.  The temperatures are going up to the high 50's; so maybe being able to run outside will psych her up again.  Yay for warm weather...but too bad for Penny and Sarah's GIANT snowman!

Isn't this the biggest snowman ever?