Saturday, February 1, 2014

Muddy Trails

It's such a beautiful day!  After so much freezing weather, today was perfect to go out and enjoy the trails.  As soon as Linda got her sneakers on Chimi was raring to go because he knows there won't be any scary running as long as she is wearing jeans. (If she has tights on, he bolts and hides.)  He walks fast enough to get her heart rate up, but if she starts jogging, he'll flip out.  So weird.
Even though the colors are drab, it was just beautiful, quite, and peaceful.  Parts of the trail were still snow covered, and some of the trail was really muddy, but Linda didn't care.  No deer sightings this time.  Come to think of it, no squirrel sightings either. 

Linda only has one more frozen pizza dough left.  This pizza was the simplest yet, but probably her favorite.  Just basil, mozzarella and sun dried tomatoes.  She meant to just eat half of it, but it was so good she ate it all at once.  Right now she has apple pie oatmeal  in the crock pot.  It just should be done right in time for dinner.  Breakfast for dinner?  YES!

I'm the most spoiled dog in the world. 
P.S.  The news is reporting a snow storm on Monday.  Snow means more of Linda's classes might be canceled.  Ugh. To make some extra money, she should start a part-time dog walking business for all the poor pooches in our neighborhood who never get any exercise.  Win-Win for everyone!