Monday, February 3, 2014

Don't Ever Leave Me

Nervous Nelly
For some reason, Chimi is back to his neurotic ways.  He had about 10 days straight of calm and almost normal behavior.  He's been happy without any of his stress issues surfacing. (Well, except for running that one time, but he was great during Saturday's long walk.)  Today it's a different story.  One of his nervous ticks is digging on top of the blanket.  He paws, whines and tries to dig into the bed or couch.  Even if Linda covers him completely with the blanket, he comes back out and starts digging all over again.  What's the deal?  Chim also likes to stick to Linda like white on rice, but today he has been 10x worse.  He cried outside the bathroom door while she was soaking in the tub.  He cried when he saw her after she got home from the gym. He wouldn't go off the deck to the backyard unless she walked out to watch him.  Now he won't stop staring at her.  It is like he is afraid she is going to walk out the door and never come back.

While she was at Target buying some groceries tonight, she saw this supplement for dogs that supports stress reduction.  In just 30 days you can have a calm dog... and for just $6.99?  Sounds like a deal.  Linda didn't buy them though because she wanted to do some research on the ingredients first. 

Doggie Prozac
 Sarah is so talented.  Penny loves to help bake and clean, so Sarah made her a little apron just her size.  It looks so cute!  Linda wants one with lots of deep pockets and loops so she can hang all her cleaning solutions and put supplies in the pockets.  Oh, and a smaller iPod pocket on the inside (so it doesn't fall out into the toilet!) with a little button hole to thread the headphones up to her ears.  Sarah, you could make these cleaning aprons and sell them!  Linda will be your first customer.
Gonna bake some cookies, want one Nana?