Saturday, February 22, 2014

Spring Teaser

It has been so long since Linda has done her daily 3 miles outside that she forgot how to work her Garmin watch.  After pressing all the buttons multiple times, she figured it out.  Instead of dragging Chimi along and getting frustrated she just did half with him at his pace, then dropped him off at home to finish alone.  Here is the funny thing.  It took 38:30 minutes total and that's with the first 1.5 miles walking fast with Chim (and even stops for him to sniff around.)  He was so happy he didn't have to run.  Linda was able to wear short sleeves and shorts (64 degrees!) but she still had to jump over snow piles and take some detours.  Unfortunately, it's supposed to get really cold again this coming week.  Just.Done.With.Winter.
RIP Snowman
Our local roads are so full of potholes that Linda has to have some mad defensive driving skills so her front end alignment doesn't get all whack.  There are 3 bad potholes in a row on the way to the gym that she keeps forgetting about.  It was kind of nice to see that the trail maintenance people actually repaired the potholes so people don't break an ankle running.
Look how much weight Chimi has lost.  He's looking really skinny.
We'll see if this new non-destructible toy actually lasts.  It's made out of real fire hose material.  Chimi loves it, but there has never been a toy that he hasn't totally destroyed in less than one day.