Saturday, February 22, 2014

Flipping Eggs and The Amazing Musical

Linda is so glad she saved some of Tierney's toys.  Penny came over last night and had a blast playing with Littlest Pet Shop and all of the mini-groceries.  If Linda can find the old Polly Pocket toys, she'll be able to retire a rich woman.  One article said that collectors will pay up to $700 each.  Tier had about 20 of them!   

Her favorite activity of the night was making breakfast for the pets.  These are tiny, tiny replicas.  Penny was able to flip the eggs, put them on a plate and then use the even smaller knife and fork to pretend feed the animals.  Of course Linda might be biased, but she thinks that is amazing motor skills for a 22-month old toddler.
It was long overdue, but Linda gave me a conditioning bath and spent the last hour combing out my undercoat and brushing me until I was silky-soft. We are able to sit in the sun on the deck.  I almost feel asleep while she was doing it because it was so warm and relaxing.
Before... a hot mess

Drying.. looking pretty cute

After...rocking the Lion look

Tierney loves to walk around the house pretending her life is just one big musical stage production.  Even when she was a young girl, she would sing about losing her boots or eating her cereal.  We don't want to hurt her feelings, but it kind of scared both Chimi and I!  (I don't know why the second video says "chimi singing." It would have been pretty funny if he started howling along though.)