Monday, February 17, 2014

Now this is a photo...

Almost every single one of the photos on this blog are taken with Linda's iPhone. There are no filters or edits.  Linda is a point, shoot and upload photographer.  (There is that one post where Tierney and Linda were models for a friend starting a photo business. I can't find the link to the site that they posed for, I'll edit this when I do find it.)  Sarah was asked by a different professional JamieRomaezi to model for some shots to include in her portfolio.  Linda only saw one of the photos so far, but it is just beautiful. 
She looks like an Ice Princess!
Sarah is the kind of girl who wouldn't whine at all about trudging through the snow wearing a one shouldered gown while she is 7 months pregnant.  (Linda can barely walk to the mailbox when its cold!)  Hopefully we'll get to see a few more photos from the session soon.