Saturday, February 8, 2014

Say NO to the flu

This is the day Chimi and I have been waiting for.  We are spending the weekend with our favorite dog walkers.  JW and PW are coming to get us this morning while Linda is teaching.  Linda has a long day and she really won't be back home until 9:00 tonight. That's if she feels better.  Last night the "flu bug" hit her hard.  She is weak and frail feeling this morning, with zero energy.   Getting sick every 60 minutes and not sleeping at all isn't the best way to start her busy Saturday. She lost 3 pounds between bed and when she weighed this morning.  Her first Aqua class will be taught from sitting on the side of the pool. in a chair.  The Kid Fit will be some kind of talent/variety show where she can sit away from them and watch them perform to the songs.  The same with TKD, she'll just do a mock-testing and tournament where she doesn't have to interact with the kids and can sit on the stage.  Just in case she is contagious sick, she doesn't want to be close to anyone or breathing germs on them.  If she continues to throw up, she better just go home and let her Black Belt assistant teach TKD.  She watched Penny last night while Sarah and Taylor went to the movies.  Taylor had the same sickness Wednesday, and Sarah had it earlier in the week.  Penny was saying her tummy hurt while they were cuddling. Linda's symptoms started about 11 p.m. She is old-school about teaching when you are sick or hurt, but not totally stupid about it either.  Linda taught with a totally torn off the bone ACL; 102 degree fever with shakes and sweats, and just a few weeks post total knee replacement surgery. 
"We are waiting so patiently, please don't cancel our play date"

If the symptoms continue, she won't be going to her favorite Church meeting because it is really close quarters and people can't help but being breathed on.  The second Saturday of the month is always her small-groups sharing-caring-eating get together. The eating part isn't her favorite, but the actually meeting time where people share whats on their hearts and what the teachings have been helping them with is the best.   She always leaves the meeting more vulnerable, open and loved then when she went in.  She is believing she will be totally fine by 5:00!