Thursday, February 13, 2014

Big Snow and Penny Crocker

Every blog or FB post needs the obligatory pictures of snow on the deck, right?  There was even a segment on the local news that asked people to send in photos of the snow piled on their decks.  The very first thing Linda has to do (before coffee or breakfast) is to throw on boots, gloves and a hat and shovel a path on the deck, all the steps and an area in the yard for us to "go out."  Since she was already dressed, she did the entire job.
Oh wait, that is a picture of Linda on the beach in Cancun
Try again...
This actually doesn't look so bad.  The last giant snow storm was much deeper.  You couldn't see the table or chairs.  I think our area got 10" last night, but more is coming. 

Even Penny helped her Daddy shovel this morning.  The snow pile snow is taller than she is!

Shoveling is something Linda actually enjoys.  Since the gym is closed and all her classes were canceled, shoveling will be her workouts today.  Usually she sets a time limit, plays peppy praise and worship music on her iPod and gets going.  Today's time was 1.5 hours (still an hour short of the time she would be actually exercising today, but more snow is coming later.)  Start time 7:30 a.m.- finish 9:00.  That got the deck, backyard area, front steps, driveway, car cleared, a path to the mailbox, all of our front walkway and some of the old-couple neighbors sidewalk.  This afternoon, she'll finish the neighbors and redo any new snowfall at our house. 
The snowplow men in their pick-ups were out early too.  She had to give the kid the evil-eye glare when he came up the court hill to push the snow into a pile in front of our driveway she was clearing.  He was smart enough to turn the plow blade and avoid getting pelted with snowballs that she was already thinking of throwing at the truck.

The sad part about the snow is that Linda won't be able to go to Penny's for their tea party.  
Penny has been obsessed with having tea as her afternoon snack. She watches Mommy drinking her tea and wants to copy. Yes, she is sitting on her potty, but that was the only little chair Sarah could find.  
Oranges and raisins.  The perfect tea snack!
Guess who made their first apple pie?  (Of course Sarah cut the apples for her, but Penny put it all together and rolled the dough.)  I wonder if Betty Crocker made a pie when she was only 22-months old!