Tuesday, February 11, 2014

All Better

Yesterday Linda found out she had to recover from recovering.  She didn't leave the house from Saturday morning until Monday afternoon.  Even though her stomach flu was over, she had zero energy to do anything. Walking up the steps at the YMCA in the late afternoon to teach her TKD classes left her breathless and lightheaded. When she got home in the evening, her head was swooning. She is eating more calories and drinking more water to compensate for the weekends flu hangover.  Today's Sculpt class went OK. The real test of if she has her energy back will be tonight's hard back-to-back classes.  

"If you're eating more, that means you have to feed us more too!"
There is still some leftover pizza from the lunch Sarah and Taylor bought her Sunday and she made this Mexican crock pot soup. A snowstorm is predicted for later this week, so she'll have to go to the store some time today since she is all out of salad fixings.  It's weird, because years went by without ever once making a salad, and now she makes one every single day.
Added cheese quesadilla strips for the win
When it's cold and snowy, Linda always looks at their Cancun vacation pictures to warm her up