Thursday, February 13, 2014

Seriously? (updated)

While Linda wasn't looking, some sneaky snowplow driver did the dirty deed!  He pushed a huge pile of snow into our driveway!  She doesn't know if it was the same guy or someone different, but she was faced with another even bigger wall of snow to shovel.  This time it wasn't all fairy-dust snow, it was icy and heavy snow that was crusty.  UGH!  Since she was already bundled up and sweaty, she finished the old-couples sidewalk and did their whole driveway.  It was so sweet when the old man who lives there came out and said "there is no words for appreciation I feel."  It made her angry mood go away in 1 second.  She felt so happy she shoveled the next neighbors walkway too.

All that shoveling worked up a huge appetite for her favorite salad.  She makes this every single day.
 If you have never tried the Panera fat-free Poppy Seed Dressing, you must go buy it right now. (Target sells it.) It's probably not the healthiest dressing in the world, but hands-down it is her favorite dressing in the world. 

While she was cleaning the house earlier, these yummy chocolate Recee's PB cup brownies were baking in the oven.  A big gooey piece for dessert was the perfect snowstorm treat. 
Dessert after lunch?  YES!

Update:  Um... maybe Linda is being paranoid, but she is sure the plowing men are out to get her.  Not 20 minutes after she was done shoveling for the second time, the trucks came through and blocked the driveway again.  It's almost like they are taking the big pile of snow from the other side of the street and pushing it into our driveway.  (Even though she gave the evil-eye to the first guy, there is no way he could have actually seen her face.  She was wearing one of those pullover hats with a covered face and a big scarf.)  It's a good thing there is a big pan of brownies because she will definitely need another one when she is done.