Thursday, February 6, 2014

Is it Friday yet?

Penny and Sarah reading her new "Penny" book.
It's been one of those days for Linda that feels like a week went by instead of it still being Thursday.  I guess she is spoiled from being home all the days snow canceled her classes.  Everything was a go today (including running wild with the 17 three to five year old's in Kid Fit) plus she added another new class to her Thursday schedule. The only non moving time was visiting Penny earlier this afternoon and going to her friends wedding tonight. To say her legs are tired is putting it mildly.  If you are a long time reader you might remember about Linda's leg issues.  Not her pinched nerve, crushed disc L 4-5 issue that periodically causes her left leg to go numb, loose all strength and make her walk hunched over to leaning to the side. She is having the other leg issue tonight where it feels like there are 10 million little electric volts zapping her quad muscles.  It's so bad right now that it feels like bees stinging over and over!  Plus she has what she calls her concrete legs syndrome and can't barely walk up the stairs. 

Bee strong Linda!
The crust in the pizza stone came out better than the airy pan

When she got home from the wedding, she fed us and grabbed some food. It's a good thing that she made these delicious pizzas on Wednesday.   These came out so good, especially the top one.  She copied Sarah's recipe but used ranch dressing instead of blue cheese dressing as the sauce, and added artichoke hearts, sliced mushrooms, and sun dried tomatoes on top. 

Her dough rolling skills are still terrible
"Maybe if you would stop all that running nonsense, your legs would feel better"