Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Linda: Rescue Ranger

Last Friday, Linda went on a rescue mission to try and save a big black lab who was wandering loose in our neighborhood.  The dog was really friendly and seemed to be in great shape, so she knew he wasn't lost that long.  It didn't have any I.D. tags, but he did have one of those electric fence collars on.  Guess he busted past the pulse signal and went out for a joy run.  She couldn't coax him into the car though.  He eventually wandered back home because P. Walker saw a dog matching he description in a guys driveway later in the day.

Not the actually lost dog, but it looked just like this.  Linda was too distraught to take a picture during the chase
 Today, Linda had another rescue mission, this one was much more dangerous for everyone involved.  On the way to the gym she saw was a tiny Maltese-poodle mix running loose.  It was wandering on the side of the main four-lane 45 mile per hour road by our house!  Linda had to break traffic rules to cut across all four lanes and pull into a side street.  She got out of the car and herded the poor thing back to the sidewalk.  The pup was skittish so she had to keep chasing it!  Finally she caught up with the scared dog; no tags or collar.  A person driving in the neighborhood slowed down and told her what house the dog lived in.  Of course no one answered the door.  She carried it to the backyard and tried to booby-trap it up on the deck by dragging some junk across the steps.  After busting up her shin (complete with blood and a nasty bruise) on a piece of old wire fence, a lady finally came outside.  She spoke no English, so Linda tried to pantomime what she was doing with the lady's dog up on her deck in the backyard.  It's a good thing she didn't call the police on her for trespassing. Linda should have just taken the dog back to our house and put up some "Found Dog"signs instead.

She hopes if Chim or I ever get lost, someone will go out of their way to bring us home.