Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sick Pup

There was less than 1/2" of snow last night, but schools were delayed this morning.  You know what that means... schools delayed=no classes at the gym.  Linda woke up at 5:00 a.m., looked outside and just had a sinking feeling she wouldn't be working again.  Yep, all  morning classes canceled.  At least she was super productive at home and got lots done. 

Chimi has been sick all day, but he is acting like he feels better tonight.  Linda cleaned up seven pukes (no photos this time, don't worry!) So far he has kept his dinner down.  He'll have to go to the vet tomorrow if he is sick again during the night.
"Sorry for making such a mess"
There was one more homemade pizza dough left, but instead of making a pizza, Linda made a calzone for lunch. She stuffed it with all sorts of yummy veggies and her favorite fresh mozzarella cheese.  It would have been even better with spinach.  Next time.
It was so filling she only ate one of the pieces and saved the rest for another meal.