Monday, March 3, 2014


The weather people are naming snowstorms now, this one is called Titan. Snow is falling hard and should continue until this evening.  Every blogger has to include a deck photo of the snow accumulation (or if you are a fitness blogger, you need to include a picture of your Garmin or your feet while wearing your Brooks Pure Flows or some other fabulous shoe that Linda can't afford since she buys her sneakers at Marshal's on clearance.  (No digs or sarcasm intended, just the truth.) Since it will be a day where absolutely nothing blog worthy will happen, you get to see both pictures of Linda's favorite running shoe and snow on our deck.  Hold on, it's going to be exciting.
In all seriousness, these running sneakers from Target are really comfortable and at less than $25, a good buy.  Once she got a free pair of $150 sneakers from a company to test and review.  They killed her feet the first 3 weeks and she had all sorts of ankle and foot issues. 
This is the first few inches of the 12" that are predicted for today.  Linda was already out early shoveling the deck, steps and a patch of the backyard for us to pee.  When she had Sheba (the Siberian Husky) and Snickers (Doberman/German Shepard) she never once had to shovel the steps or deck.  They would go barreling down the steps and make their own paths.  Linda would have to drag them both back inside on snowy days.  They loved to romp and run through the drifts!
She called her the Demon Dog.  Her eyes were so blue they always photographed red.
Since my belly is only 4" off the ground, I can't physically get down the stairs when there is snow, so it's not like I'm being a pampered princess.  Chimi is bigger than me, he is just to afraid to go down the steps if he can't see each and every one.

There was a day when Chimi and I were the same size.  That lasted about one week before he started his growth spurt.