Saturday, March 1, 2014

Cookie Success!

Finally!  The latest batch of chocolate chip cookies didn't come out flat.  She used two new recipes and made a few changes. This time she didn't over-mix the dry ingredients into the creamed butter/sugar/egg mixture.  The Oatmeal-Banana-Chocolate Chip are her favorite.
Anyone who knows Linda knows that she loves to Swiffer our hardwood floors.  With two dogs in the house, Swiffing once a day sometimes isn't enough for her liking.  This morning she read that the wet Swiffer pads are dangerous to animals.  The pets could lick their paws and get sick from the cleaner on the pads.  This was not good news since she uses the wet pad every other cleaning. She decided to do some  more research and found out on Snopes that the sick pet stories are just rumors. The wet pads and Jet mop are fine and pose no danger to dogs or babies.  Whew... Linda would not be happy if she had to find an alternate method of daily cleaning.  Once a week she has been doing a deeper cleaning with the washcloth method (tucking the corners in the grippers) and a little hardwood cleaner.
Cleaning the hardwood is her favorite chore.  It's so relaxing.
Chimi is being strange and is afraid of his food bowl again.  He went through this particular drama sometime last month, but be seemed to get over it and was fine.  Today he refused to go near the bowl; shying away and acting scared out of his wits. Linda changed the food into another bowl and tried again.  He finally ate some, but he took the bites out of the bowl and ran to hide while he ate it.  Such a strange dog.
"So what?  Things scare me. At least I don't have cleaning OCD."